The purpose of aWall is to share art, music, performance, and film outside of normative spaces; museums, galleries, private collections, studios, music halls, and theaters. Thus facilitating multi-sensory, and participatory creative expression beyond walls. In order to tear down the walls that box us and our creations “in”, we have decided to construct a singular, linear, transportable 8′x24′ wall that can exist out in the open, and move from place to place making it available to a broad and diverse audience.

This is “aWall”. A medium to bring art out into the open using a semi-controlled space surrounded by the dynamism of both the natural and man made world.

Similar to virtual walls which exist online aWall can share photos, paintings, movies, sound, etc. with anyone who is interested enough to pop over and have a look. However, in this analogy, the concept of sharing on a wall is flipped. Instead of digitizing media to share on an electronic wall, aWall exists in the physical realm and supports the sharing of physical creations in the physical world. aWall also gets the intrigued viewer out from behind the computer screen and out into world.

aWall exists transiently in natural environments, and amidst out-of-the-way social environs; places we don’t typically visit to commune with art. The free space becomes integral to the experience, creating a dynamic relationship between the art, the participants, and our environment.

aWall will complete its first campaign, North America, beginning July 1, 2012. During this time, the wall will feature three month-long exhibitions, and will be equipped to support performance art, film screenings, lectures and musical performances as they convey the vision of the artists. aWall will also be open to impromptu events during this time as we encounter folks who participate in this process of creating/exhibiting throughout the beautiful and bizarre North American landscape.

Think-> abstract art on display in a dense forest, performance art against an expansive desert backdrop, an art opening at a truck stop, in a rural barn, or in your backyard. The sky is not only the limit, but also the ceiling; aWall is art anywhere.

Exhibition I: PETROGLYPH: contemporary cave art in hyper-real dimensions

An exhibition carrying on the myth of man and beast through handcrafted and technological visuals and sound; three months of evolving work by a variety of artists across mediums. Lila Roo will be creating and curating work for the exhibition, while also encouraging spontaneous creative forces/people/visions to unfold on the wall.

Thank You!

Can’t wait to see you out @ aWall!

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